Family names

Common last names

Bagelaar Baker Berg Cruys Hammersley Mendel Randall Rutgers Thooft Tra Kranen Trakranen Van Taack Tra Kranen Veeckens Voûte von Berg

Common first names,  male

Benjamin Claas Cornelis-Isaac Douglas Ernst-Willem Frans-Otto-Gustaaf Isaac Jan Joan-Philip Nicolaas Otto-Willem-Johan Ralph Thomas-Francis-Leopold Willem-Ernst-Joan Willem-Otto

Common first names,  female

Anna-Catharina Catharina Catharina-Elisabeth Clara-Henrica Johanna-Elisabeth Johanna-Huberta Lise-Lotte Louise-(x) Lucilla Luise Madelaine-Philippine-jkvr. Madelon-Henrietta-Louise Maria Ruth-Bernice Susanna-Catharina

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