Current listen

Eubie Blake – “Charleston Rag”
Georgia White – “The Stuff Is Here”
Ida Cox – “Lonesome Blues”
Valaida Snow – “Lonesome Road”
Sol Hoopii – “Hana Hana Hawaii”
Madame Riviere’s Hawaiians – “Fort Street”
Sol K. Bright & His Hollywaiians – “Hawaiian Cowboy”
Bob Wills with the McKinney Sisters – “Hawaiian War Chant”
Lily May Ledford, Rosalie and Bella Allen – “Gypsy Davy”
Hoagy Carmichael – “Rogue River Valley”
Ernest Tubb – “I Walk Alone”
Girls of the Golden West – “That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine”
Slim and Slam – “Champagne Lullabye”
Dicky Wells – “Dicky Wells Blues”
Boswell Sisters – “Mood Indigo”

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