September 17, 2021 at 10:29PM

Recorded in the Rietstap (F3850), the ancient description of the crest is
                     “Or, a demi-vol sable, between three mullets of six argent.”
According to Laws of Heraldry, each element of the Coat of Arms/Family Crest is symbolic. The shield is a traditional design bordered in black.
Black dots punctuate the shield’s gold background (Or). This represents the fur of an ermine and symbolizes Dignity.
A red/brown half wing in the center of the shield symbolizes loss of life in service to the Regent.

The color (Sable) represents Grief.
Three 6-pointed stars (mullets) surround the wing and symbolize exceptional Valor or Bravery. Their Silver color (Argent), represents Peace and Sincerity.
The black and gold helmet of the Coat of Arms has a black and gold wreath (knot) on the top. (This is likely a plume)  There is one silver star, with a feather in the middle of the star.  The left side of the feather is black and the right side of the feather is gold.
Feathers and Plumes are symbolic of Obedience and Serenity.
Motto: Arriere ne peut – never retreat

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