September 02, 2021 at 10:10AM

On my morning walk to the swamp and spotted a new kitty in the neighborhood under a car I hadn’t seen before. While making the attempt to photograph the cat (a very cute short haired tortie), I spotted spotted this “bumper sticker” made ransom note style out of adhesive letters of different sizes. Nice use of an upside down V as an A. “Stop Khemtrailz” who knows in the neighborhood. Could be a gag, a band or a tinfoil hat person. The car appeared otherwise clean, well maintained, and had a few other older stickers in favor of sunsets and beach life. I wonder if this is a visitor, or a new vehicle, or a new resident? The cat looked wild, with no collar. Fully grown. If I see her again, Iight just call her chemtrail.

Social isolation day 538

#swampwalk #chemtrails #khemtrailz #bogsafari

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