Summer heat approaches the swamp. Soon it will be a steaming, thick bit of atmosphere, rich in those semisweet earthy smells that build up in the muck and are released into the air when the foliage rots at the muddy layer of wetlands. Cicadas might sing, but the mosquitoes and horse flies are of what you need to be more cautious . The air feels hotter and wetter than before, and sweat is brought to the skin to meet the air’s moisture. Trees block the breese, but thankfully the sun is stopped as well. Still, it feels like a greenhouse. Next time I go out there, I suspect it will feel like more of a swim in hot soup than a walk. The hardest part will be the areas with no canopy on the way home…even with a breeze, the sun will immolate those who try to endure the great yellow sky-face. #manthing #comicpanel #swampwalk #classiccomics #comicpanel #fire #fear #fwoosh

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Talked to my teacher friend for the first time in a long while. His wife is full conspiracy theory anti-vax, but when he spoke with me he at least acknowledged that masks work. He is teaching at a school where about half of the teaching staff is not vaccinated, but is at least required to stay distant and mask up during class.

He is currently not vaccinated, using the “I don’t want to be a guinea pig on something that hasn’t been fully tested” excuse. He is planning on going on a summer vacation trip and is a little upset that both his sister and I will not allow unvaccinated people into our home should he be in our neck of the woods. I told him that I would be happy to meet up outside, at range and masked, but that is as close as I am willing to get. Given that his Mrs. also believes in EMF sensitivity, it is probably for the best, given our house has wifi and other things that generate EMF.