May 03, 2021 at 03:03PM

Old Adventurer – part of #battletribes

I got this guy in a purchase of a used lot, and would love to get my hands on a complete set of heads and weapons. (Even if it meant getting doubles of the pieces shown here)

This is, to my knowledge, the first time a glyos figure had “weathering” on the weapon and shield. I certainly enjoy having a figure with gray beard and hair, not the cool factor of an eye scar.

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Uncle Owen

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m finding the older I get, the more I sympathize with Owen Lars.

Growing up, he was just your typical super-serious older person, ya know? But now I feel like I get him. He’s just trying to live a simple life and do the best he can, and the universe just keeps messing with him. He just wants to make a bit of moisture in a dry-ass world, and then his step mom gets captured by Sand People, and his dad gets his leg chopped off, and then his scowly step brother shows up just in time to bring his dead mom home, and then some stranger shows up out of the blue with the step brother’s kid for him to raise, and then the kid doesn’t even appreciate it and just whines about leaving, even though all Owen ever did was try to keep him safe.

Oh yeah, and his scowly step brother? Totally Darth Vader now. So every time his whiny step nephew starts giving attitude, it’s like, “Is he going to go all Dark Side on me now”? Also, he’s starting to think his wife’s voice might be someone else’s. Can’t a humble guy just make some gat-dang moisture in peace?! No, because he and Dubby Magee get crispy-fried by stormtroopers looking for his ungrateful nephew who DOESN’T EVEN SHED A TEAR at the sight of his charred skeleton! Even in the end, no moisture for Owen? Not a single tear for the only family you’ve ever known? Really?! But the death of a crazy space wizard you just met, that gets a reaction. Sorry. I went deeper into that than I expected. Anyway, I feel for the guy. We’ve never gotten a decent Uncle Owen figure either. His Revenge Of The Sith figure seems fine, but I was in a Star Wars collecting lull at the time and never got him. He’s got a decent comic pack figure (that also came with Darth Maul!) that isn’t canon anymore, and I never got that one either. My only Owen is this one, that was part of the Lars Homestead playset along with Beru, a Sandtrooper, and a womp rat. He’s a repack of an old POTF2 Cinema Scene, so he was already dated when the set came out. I suppose he’s better than no Uncle Owen, even with his weird “get off my non-lawn!” arms and strange handlebar stubble. But what is up with his eyes?

I don’t know if Hasbro was going for “tired eyes”, but it looks like he’s got blue eye shadow. It’s really weird, and I can’t imagine how any designer thought it looked right.
But then again, maybe Owen just wants to feel pretty. Hasn’t he at least earned that? Can’t a guy just feel a little cute in this god forsaken wetless world?!
At least Beru got a decent enough figure in POTF2. I mean, she was never going to be super exciting, and Owen isn’t either, but I still think they’re necessary. Maybe someday Owen will get a decent figure from A New Hope. Until then, this one will have to do.