April 30, 2021 at 11:30AM

#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 413 (1 year, 1 month, 17 days)

So strange to think we haven’t dined out, gone inside of a store (save for twice to a Walmart for vaccinations), or really anywhere except our house or an occasional visit to the post office.

Weather was lovely at 66F and extra nice in the breezy shade of the outer edge of the swamp.

#bogsafari critter counts are – first and foremost, three kids/teenagers sitting across from one another smoking weed and drinking sodas. I gave a courtesy wave and they were friendly. One remarked that it was a place to go and chill out, and I agreed that it was a great spot. He liked my walking stick and told them to have a nice day. They didn’t seem worried or upset, otherwise I would have given them an even wider berth.

Lots of birds in the trees, but the ground animals were scarce.

The smell of pot smoke by the water reminds me a little bit of the used bookstore in key west when I was a kid. I remember my grandfather saying that “it smells like a friggin’ hershey factory in here” and I wonder today if he was referring to candy bars (as I have thought all these years) or if it was one of his weird racist remarks that went over my head at the time. Either way, it was a good place to buy comic books as an 8 year old, and to read them in the restaurant next door while he had a coffee.

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