April 26 2011 20:03

Low 60sF outside, clear skies and the trees look pretty lush. Walked at midday and had rain a few days back. Ground is pretty dry.

#bogsafari critter count was minimal. A few small brown birds, light on insects. I saw Panda cat relaxing in the shade at her house en route home. Very few humans outside, got home as a school bus let kids off. (5 High schoolers or giant elementary school kids…at least they were wearing masks they got off the bus)

April 26, 2021 at 04:49PM

Bubblegum skeleton titan and adorable brocotal green man freebie

I absolutely love this skeleton. #glyos compatible but also articulated like crazy! Bendable knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders and the skull on a ball socket. I just wish I could get more in other colors. 17 parts and just gorgeous. It is a tall boy, towers over the battletribes guys, and that is aok with me!

The little green guy has an amazing fractal/broccoli design on the back and was a welcome hitchhiker! I bought 2 skeletons total and they also added a glow in the dark translucent blue and opaque green (shown) version of mr brocotal.

Kudos to @doublegtoys !

#Toyphotography #glyossystem
#doublegtoys #brocotal
#skeletontitan #bubblegumskeleton #onelldesign https://instagr.am/p/COJKgA7g45K/