April 21, 2021 at 06:12PM

I love that the early appearances of the Red Ghost had him in a green jumpsuit. (It was his political affiliation that made him red, not his costume). One assumes that this was back in the day all the baddies were secondary colors for the most part, with red, yellow and blue usually saved for heroes like Spidey, Superman and Captain America. Bad guys like (and antihero Hulk) got green, purple and oranges for the most part. Later, Red Ghost got a spiffy Red Jumpsuit to go with the communist moniker, but I was thrown as a kid trying to make sense of the costume being mismatched with the name.

Bonus points for having super powered and highly trained ape-o-nauts as sidekicks rather than a college roommate (albeit a pilot), a girlfriend and her teenaged brother like that cretin Richards.

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