April 30, 2021 at 11:30AM

#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 413 (1 year, 1 month, 17 days)

So strange to think we haven’t dined out, gone inside of a store (save for twice to a Walmart for vaccinations), or really anywhere except our house or an occasional visit to the post office.

Weather was lovely at 66F and extra nice in the breezy shade of the outer edge of the swamp.

#bogsafari critter counts are – first and foremost, three kids/teenagers sitting across from one another smoking weed and drinking sodas. I gave a courtesy wave and they were friendly. One remarked that it was a place to go and chill out, and I agreed that it was a great spot. He liked my walking stick and told them to have a nice day. They didn’t seem worried or upset, otherwise I would have given them an even wider berth.

Lots of birds in the trees, but the ground animals were scarce.

The smell of pot smoke by the water reminds me a little bit of the used bookstore in key west when I was a kid. I remember my grandfather saying that “it smells like a friggin’ hershey factory in here” and I wonder today if he was referring to candy bars (as I have thought all these years) or if it was one of his weird racist remarks that went over my head at the time. Either way, it was a good place to buy comic books as an 8 year old, and to read them in the restaurant next door while he had a coffee.

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Swampwalk day 411

swampwalk quarantine isolation day 411

Gallery of green just to show how much shade is available on a sunny clear day. Light breeze caused a bunch of those little seed ‘helicopters’ to come flying out like a massive drone strike of proto-trees.

bogsafari had not so many land critters, but many birds making song in the trees. Leaf cover made it difficult for me to spot exactly where they were, aside from ‘up and to the right,’ give or take.

Brought #sisto and #fp636 to help scout around, but they just ran in circles, grunting and beeping accordingly.

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April 27, 2021 at 01:55PM

Which do you see first? The black snake or the white squirrel?

#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 410

Weather much warmer at 76F, thankful for all the shade. Cool, dry ground for the most part.

#bogsafari was amazingly fruitful today. A few snakes sunning that took off as did my usual heavy-footed walk, save for that big bicycle tube looking buddy on the lower left. It was awake and aware of me well before I was of it. I was distracted by the white squirrel running over a log deeper in the wet area. (A bit right of center of pic) I think that I saw movement there before I made sense of what was seen. Not seen in the photo but on the walk were – several brown squirrels, three male cardinals and two females, two male bluejays, a couple of robins, and the fluffernutter Archie-alike kitty (who is looking quite wise and venerable today)

I was curmudgeonly fortunate to have only seen one human (our neighbor, Special Olympian L, who assume was walking back from the local gas station with a soda pop in hand. I hope she wore a mask indoors, didn’t see one on her at range)

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April 26 2011 20:03

Low 60sF outside, clear skies and the trees look pretty lush. Walked at midday and had rain a few days back. Ground is pretty dry.

#bogsafari critter count was minimal. A few small brown birds, light on insects. I saw Panda cat relaxing in the shade at her house en route home. Very few humans outside, got home as a school bus let kids off. (5 High schoolers or giant elementary school kids…at least they were wearing masks they got off the bus)

April 26, 2021 at 04:49PM

Bubblegum skeleton titan and adorable brocotal green man freebie

I absolutely love this skeleton. #glyos compatible but also articulated like crazy! Bendable knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders and the skull on a ball socket. I just wish I could get more in other colors. 17 parts and just gorgeous. It is a tall boy, towers over the battletribes guys, and that is aok with me!

The little green guy has an amazing fractal/broccoli design on the back and was a welcome hitchhiker! I bought 2 skeletons total and they also added a glow in the dark translucent blue and opaque green (shown) version of mr brocotal.

Kudos to @doublegtoys !

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