Mar 4 2023 approx 1430

#Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 356

Warm day, 61F with a cool breeze coming off the bay.  #sistobrak didn’t need his sweet hat, but wore it anyhow. (He thinks it makes him look like a tall Santa’s helper-elf, and he seems to enjoy the association. )

#bogsafari ? More like dog safari! All the puppies were out in the yards leading up to wetlands. Barking, digging and just being dogs. A handsome black lab, the shaggy shepherd, a dippy beagle(?) mix, two chihuahuas and a small selection of mutts out for a walk. Pleasantly surprised to see everyone with masks and socially distanced. Added bonus, only one house has a Confederate flag  and no 45 signs or flags to be seen. Thank you, most of my neighbors!

Lots of brown leaves and bark, with a layer of ond scum and little shoots preparing for spring in some delightful preemptive green glow. Ground was a bit muddy but easy enough to avoid the really nasty stuff.

Turd Ferguson’s (our smaller car) battery died (presumably from lack of use) and had to be resurrected by The Black Pearl (bigger vehicle) and a handy set of jumper cables. Never had to do that solo before, was kind of a neat trick, but it worked out. To make sure TF’s juice stuck around I took it for a little tour around town fo 15 minutes. The bay itself  is looking pretty nice, with tons of gulls flapping around but no sign of ducks or other waterfowl. A few people on the boardwalk, but they also appeared to be cautious as well. My only complaint this week is the occasional denial dillweed that goes into the post office with no mask. I have exercised restraint thus far, but seeing people being either willingly or otherwise ignorant a year later really makes me want to make a comment or better yet, socially distance them into the bay via catapult.

#brak #sisto #streamofthought #turdferguson #theblackpearl

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