March 30, 2021 at 03:36PM

Just me, the wind,a few birds and some trees all making some sounds in the swamp.

#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 382

65F and breezy the swamp is not stinky, but there is definitely a very earthy and damp scent being blown through the trees. Maybe instead of xray alien I will take swamp thing with me for walks come springtime. (Note, alien was found! It fell behind my fau baseball cap)

#bogsafari counts- I saw a bald eagle, a passel of squirrels and a couple of ducks. No kitties or puppies, or any other interesting quadrupeds. Bald eagle was certainly the most interesting.

Small assortment of humans, about a dozen. mask visibility ratio was not great, maybe 50-50, pretty disappointing.


March 29, 2021 at 02:17PM

#Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 381

Our first tulip has appeared! Green glow springtime has begun in earnest. I seem to have misplaced my xray alien who was going to welcome in the springtime… I guess they are out and about enjoying sunshine and the like somewhere out of my immediate line of sight.

#bogsafari had a lot more greenery in the water, which attracted a couple of ducks out on a swimming duck date, a pack of squirrels, two cardinals and a passel of turkey vultures. More than a few dried frog carcasses on the road, post heavy rain of the weekend.

Redbud trees are in full dress, cherry and pear trees are heavily petaled. Most trees are still pretty bare, but shoots have begun to appear. The woods should be nice and shady by the time the end of April gets here.

#walkabout #tulip #homegarden