February 15, 2021 at 05:23PM

There were arcane symbols carved into the trees not far from where the bodies were found.

#swampwalk quarantine social distancing day 339.

I have a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of hobo signs . It might mean a wealthy gentleman with a vicious dog lives here, it might not.

This time, the bodies in question were not human, unless they were somehow transformed into birds somehow. The picture I took of the remains didn’t turn out for reasons likely more mundane than supernatural.

#bogsafari report – en route to the swamp I encountered at a good social distance several unmasked humans if varying ages, sizes and coloration. One with a very long, gray beard circular sawing in front of his house… should have had face protection on virus or not. Some kids walking a golden retriever looking pooch and laughing. A few groups out and about for walkies with and without other little dogs. Assorted cars, too. Probably the highest concentration of folks I have seen on a walk in a year.

Aside from the leftover bird carcasses were two very large turkey vultures. I suspect any remains will be gone by the time I return. Many small brown songbirds enjoying our feeder and those of neighbors on the road to the swamp.

Pleased to report trump flags removed from 3 houses. Still a few homes with confederate flag variants but I suspect that they were there long before 45 even thought about taking office. Two homes have rainbow flags and a few have the USA flag out front.

Ice has pretty much totally melted and created muddy trails, but if you stay on the leafy edges, and up above the marsh line you can avoid getting a shoe yanked off.

#walkabout #walkies #hobosigns https://instagr.am/p/CLVFm4VAPDy/


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