February 09, 2021 at 11:58AM

#swampwalk quarantine social isolation day 333

Brisk again this morning, snow is melting away for the most part but the still water is thinly frozen in places.

#bogsafari critter count – three nicely tubby squirrels, a few big turkey vultures, smokey the cat ( as opposed to @smokeybear ) and fluffernutter the cat in a window on my way home. I wonder how panda and alien are doing? I hope and imagine they are comfortably hunkered inside (where I probably should be.)

Vonnegut update – I finished reading Jailbird. First time for me and it was in my opinipn worth it, but certainly a dated work, but well written despite the usual issues with women and racism. Some funny bits and the recurring themes / running gags of his writing are getting more than a little repetitive. Character names, headstones and other literary tics are making it so I might take a breath and come back later to the rest, lest some great literature become tedious. Time for a sidebar into some other flavors to cleanse the palette. Maybe reread Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison to stay in this story theme but in a very different framework.

Postscript- did the superbowl halftime show and commercials stink extra bad this year? I don’t know anyone that was very impressed by either.

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