February 08, 2021 at 04:33PM

#Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 332

“Hey everybody, it’s me and it’s fricking cold outside… so, I’m going back in the house. Holy Macaroni”

Weather was chilly, so only a brief video update. 34f, but feels like 27. My windbreaker will have to be swapped for something heavier should I do this weather for my walk again.

I rather wish he hadn’t come to that decision once I was already at the midpoint of my walkabout. Or am I lucky to get my full mileish journey in?

#bogsafari critter count – three turkey vultures, a big flurfy dog of unknown breed, I think elderly… walked by a small smoother human of unknown breed, probably a juvenile. Both were covered in pretty full coats of natural and synthetic materials accordingly.

#video #littlereddude #glyos #onelldesign #spymonkeycreations #battletribes #modulartoys #toystagram #walkabout #streamofthought https://bit.ly/3oXteip https://bit.ly/3a18iTx