February 02, 2021 at 06:46PM

More scenes from today’s groundhog birthday. Gingerbread whistlepig cookies with chocolate chips for eyes, cake and ice cream along with my birthday pin.

Some lovely presents received today include a pair of bluetooth earbuds, groundhog day game with a funkopop groundhog. En route is a light box for photography, too!

Vouchers for future include a ps4 when available and a 3d printer when decided upon. A surprise is on the way from inlaws, supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Watching The Dig with inlaws and @maximillian_deersteak

#birthdaycake #GroundhogDay #sugarrush #birthdaypresents #year52 https://instagr.am/p/CKzwv_LA5PS/


Bday present

It is like I got another birthday present. Elon Musk sucks.

[ID: three tweets. the first is from Road & Track, @RoadAndTrack, and it says: NHTSA makes Tesla recall 133,951 cars after concluding they’ll “inevitably” fail. attached is a picture of a red tesla car. the second tweet is from Scott Stedman, @ScottMStedman, and it says: The SpaceX rocket just exploded on landing. Massive fireball. the final tweet is from Elon Musk, @ElonMusk, and it says: Off Twitter for a while. /end ID]