January 13, 2021 at 04:50PM

Look at this little girl! I don’t generally collect transformers, but one that turns into a dinosaur skeleton, is super poseable and is on a scale with my 3.75″ stuff… well, come on.

Transformer Vertebreak appeared in my sweet stack of Christmas gifts this year after Mrs saw me adoring her on @nistuff ‘s YouTube channel (follow him for cool toys and etc. Seriously. He’s an entertaining, neato dude.)

Very neat head, tail and ankle articulation. Good for attacking that little Ben Grimm heroclix shown earlier, disturbing a glyos goliath, or acting as a statue in a tiny museum diorama.

The transformation is easy and pretty drastic. I would never have thought as a kid that you could turn a robot into a pretty realistic bone dinosaur.

The name Vertebreak is pretty horrific, the more I think about it.

I wouldn’t mind getting other fossil-bots if they are even half as good as this design.

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