January 11, 2021 at 07:03PM

So, here’s the Thing.


Found cleaning up my Christmas train set. I always forget he has four toes… I always assume he has a four-digited hand (including thumb) and only three toes for some weird reason. This little figure shows me otherwise.

I used to love playing mage knight, and that drifted into heroclix, and then they turned into cool almost HO scale train terrain. I have a bunch of these figures from different genres in the same scale as d&d minis… horror with fantasy, steampunk, old west, and superheroes, natch.

Ben Grimm is a longtime favorite character of mine, and despite the derpy face and dandruffy paint job this particular sculpt is showing off, he generally hung out under the christmas tree, protecting the toy train from wintery villains like Wendigo, Mr freeze and Jack frost.

Also orcs as a Dwarf repainted as Santa’s extra burly, sometime one-eyed army of hammer and axe wielding toymakers.

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January 11, 2021 at 03:36PM

#Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 304

Cold and moist but not freezing at 36F #tardigrade #fingerpuppet did not mind the weather at all but I was feeling it in my leg, hip and lower back pretty vividly.

#bogsafari count was very low. I spotted some squirrel nests throughout my walk and a weird beagle at the end of the street before I entered the swamp proper. Neighborhood kitties were rightfully (hopefully) indoors and out of sight.

Day was so gray that the sky and trees above looked totally monochrome. Bleak and quiet, but I found that to be pretty peaceful.

Had a brief, properly socially distant, talk with one of my neighbors, and found him to be further left than I had previously thought. (Seemingly center-left rather than center-right like his mrs) He is a bit of a pessimist about things right now, and I can understand the viewpoint. I am leaning to hopeful pessimist myself these days. (Hope for the best, expect quite a bit less than the best.) We both agreed that Carter was the president we would both like most to be the moral compass of those we have had in memory, for example.

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Facebook block

Be warned if you are a streamer or advertise on Facebook. Apparently you can’t repost a snarky meme from elsewhere on the site without getting blasted.

Hey, cool! Glad I don’t generally go live or ever pay for advertising! Facebook doesn’t like when you mock the maga douches, even in a private community of well less than 100 users, 4 days later.