Xmas Haul 2020

Good lord. A comedy of riches.

Danger 5 dvd
Pomegranate, persimmons and cheese straws
Back scrubbie thing
Bigfoot “crossstitch xmas sweater” tshirt
Standing Ring light
Smokey bear face mask
Little gi joe
2 28 bit proximity keys
Chocolate pretzels
Dark chocolate mint Kitkats
Lindor balls
Stuffed marshmallows
Gummy Nerds
Teeny Tiny lite brite
Glyos scorpman, a bunch of glyos in latest wave of manormonster, bright orange goliath, cobra commander
Playmobil bttf delorean
Field guide dumb birds of north America
2 hokie face masks small
Funnies from the morgue-mark Cline
Chuwi tiny Intel windows pc
Bigfoot cap

Resin jewelry casting stuff
Epoxy resin
Uv flashlight
Epoxy pigment
Tiny tiny magnets

Led rgb lamp for ring light
Zombie figures

M5 stick. C
Many glyos
Smokey bear pop figure
Imaginext biohazard skellie

1000 tiny rainbow magnets
Tardigrades finger puppets
3d pen
Paranormal detectives boardgame

So much candy

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