December 03, 2020 at 05:07PM

Swampwalk social isolation day 265 – dark and dreary, chilly and moist.

No good photos from stepping out, but the walk did shake a few of the gloomy cobwebs from my body’s dusty attic. I stayed closer to pavement and level terrain so I only skirted the treeline’s edge.

Critter count – four squirrels, three dogs (the Belgian shepherd up the street was exceptionally talkative), and just Panda the cat. Only a few small songbirds and a turkey vulture.

Opening our advent calendars has been fun. I haven’t been documenting the candy ones the first two days, we got a 2 truffles in the godiva one, some salted caramels and strawberry gummies shaped like tiny snowmen in the other.

Grilled out for dinner last night, kept it pretty simple, just some spicy italian vegetarian sausages on buns with a side of tortilla chips. It is getting cool enough to make a nice big vat of crock pot chili maybe. I need to evaluate what we need to put that together for next week. I know that @maximillian_deersteak ordered stuff for chex mix too, which we also make in the crock pot…. and I am looking forward to that.

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