October 26, 2020 at 10:37AM

Price gouge update. I just had to look.

Just checked Amazon, the price for a 12 pack is now $19.50, or nearly 4x what it cost back in 2016. (And that doesn’t include tax)

How the hell are the hungry poor supposed to eat the very basic survival garbage when they can’t even get a ramen meal for under a what… more than $1.60 for a lousy packet of starch and salt? When I was on my own and in school, (admittedly 30 years ago)
$1.60 would literally have bought me 16 packets of ramen.

4 years ago, much more recently, (see post below) it would have paid for 3 packets and a can of veggies to mix in.

I wish I had seen the price prior to the pandemic.


From my journal 4 years ago today – (Oct 26, 2016, shopping at harris teeter)

When did “top ramen” go to 2.79 for 6? That’s almost triple what I remember. I would get 10 for a buck last time I purchased the stuff.

#orientalvssoy #amazonovercharge https://instagr.am/p/CGz3QnfAZTt/


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