Swampwalk social distance day 195

My walk was solo this morning, as Mrs. had a telework meeting early on.

Temperatures were cool, when I left the house it was 57F, though it warmed to 70F by the time I rolled up to the house at the end of my loops.

So many squirrels. I stopped counting after six, probably twice that seen both in the swamp and neighborhood. I haven’t seen little brown, preggo or Lorenzo in a while now. I have named the newest that eat our tossed out veggie scraps Joseph and Salvatore, and they seem to hang out together more than they are apart. They look friendly, but more adult than little brown, possibly he grew into one of them and found a playmate with whom to share food.

No kitties today, but that Belgian shepherd was out again, and barked a hello warning as I walked by. Very well behaved, only barked when I was passing the property, and stopped promptly when I passed the gate.

Two neighbors have new bunting and signage outside, one a string of rainbow 🌈 flags while the other has maga/ reelect 45 set of flags and signs πŸ’© , right next door. I would say that put them at odds, but I know a couple of people who are otherwise intelligent but are somehow able to see logic in being in an interracial gay relationship and also being pro45. If I were his black boyfriend, I would have serious words, but I’m not, so I just remain baffled.

Halloween and Autumn πŸŽƒ decor have also started springing up on homes here and there along my promenade route.

#swampwalk #bogsafari #streamofthought @ North Beach, Maryland

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