Swampwalk quarantine social distance day 194

Two squirrels, fluffernutter cat, his window friend, Panda cat, a very stout looking spiderweb, a few songbirds, and lots of woodland cracks and pops that could be just gravity and old trees or who knows what. Going to review pictures to see if we can identify some of the assorted flora along the way. Took bhk with me this morning and it was pleasantly brisk. She had cause to wear a light sweater, I was still happy in a jersey. Allergies still kicking up, my eyes are a bit rough. Very few humans out, only a couple in vehicles, and one dog walker with tiny dog barking at us from the woods, and another just in the yard as we walked past. Tiny wie curly tail dig and a belgian shepherd. We discovered the slugs this morning were unafraid of the sun due to the cool moist air, and determined them to be twilight vampires based on the sparkly slime trail they leave. #swampwalk #bogsafari #duckdate #plantidentificationhelp #streamofthought



Beech drops (epifagus virginiana) is native to North America and is a parasitic plant. It clings to maple trees and gets its nutrients from them, as it does not have chlorophyll. The flower stalks on this plant always last during winter months.

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