September 14, 2020 at 01:26PM

Swampwalk social distance day 185.

I brought @maximillian_deersteak with me to the swamp for a quick jaunt during lunchtime. We saw a squirrel, panda the cat, a skunk, some crown-tipped coral fungus as well as the standard toadstool / step fungus.

Birdsong was minimal, but cicada chirps were plentiful.

Midday mosquitoes were out but not too terrible, maybe a few bites each.

Weather was a bit cooler, but direct sun was still plenty hot. I am ever thankful for leafy shade. Some branches by the water seem to have snapped off recently, maybe from recent rain… Or just age. I know the feeling.

#swampwalk #streamofthought #duckdate #norealducks


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