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Quarantine Swampwalk social distance day 193. Lovely and cool, made for a good double loop walk this morning. Many songbirds, a squirrel, no cats. One eagle, and I saw an animal control van go by at the end of my second loop, so I wonder what was seen? A dog, or something more dangerous and exotic? No spiders or mosquitoes at all. Noticed that my walk map has been truncated in a weird way because I had the phone’s power saving mode turned on. My first half of the walk looks like a slipknot pulled tight over the loop I walk, and the second was closer to accurate, even though I pretty much have retraced my steps. Nobody was wearing a mask but me, saw a half dozen people either in cars or walking. I kept my distance from all of them, but I could smell the cigarette smoke from about a block down the street. That makes me probably extra paranoid about catching something on the wind. #swampwalk #bogsafari

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