Dear Journal doodle

Today was pretty uneventful.

Taking things easy, worked on the printer yesterday and back is pinched up as a result. I would say that the assembly is at maybe… 65% ? I really want to finish so I can get to toymaking.

Fiddling with FlipaClip on the phone, haven’t done any kind of digital art in a while. Maybe something interesting will come of that in the days ahead. Maybe not.

Pyewacket is being better about taking his medication, as long as we have a little bite of tuna handy.

Catching up on season 2 of umbrella academy,

We have a few streaming services right now – disney+, which we probably won’t renew after our free year. Hulu, we may put on hold until the new tv seasons start, hbo max seems to be pretty good so far content-wise, netflix is still old reliable though more for original content these days, and amazon prime is just a matter of course with our shipping and whatnot.