Walkabout Wednesday morning

Swampwalk gallery post social distancing day 125. Happy ides of July!

Pretty clear day so far. Left for my promenade early, but the heat was already starting to ratchet up. Saw @something.about.annie at the final stretch, she and a buddy were returning from a foot jaunt in the other direction,  down by the bay. She had an iced coffee, and I was envious of her cold, wet caffeine souce in hand. She kindly  complimented my Appalachian trail bandana and sloth dressed as the flash t-shirt. (Given my gait, highly appropriate) always nice to see her!

Of the non-human lifeforms seen… 3 osprey, some buzzy mosquitoes, two spiderwebs with spiders installed,  some small brown birds, and disturbed swamp water that may have been frog, fish, turtle or gill man.

This one osprey was showing off, or just having a good time scoping out the region from the top of the tallest nearby tree.

The wind  briefly whipped through the leaves and made a sound rather like the long pained sucking through your teeth after getting a paper cut. 

Indian pipe is very dark now, I suspect it will auto digest soon unless we get some fresh rain.

Plants seem pretty green and healthy. I wish I knew more about local foraging, because some of the leaves looked like they would make a good snack.

I have to remember to get breakfast prewalk. Post walk, I had a pretty tasty granola in vanilla yogurt and some supercooled grape drink from the 3 liter Scotto sippy container. 

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