Pandemic Notes: 7/27/20

It is Monday, July 27, 2020. There are 4,238,500 active cases of COVID-19 in the United States, that we know of. About 147,000 Americans have died of the coronavirus so far. (Johns Hopkins Dashboard)

The United States is running concentration camps for brown people and their kids. Still. That never stopped. Trump is rolling out his own personal Gestapo. The state-affiliated media channels, Fox News and OANN, are wall-to-wall conspiracy theories and rhetoric about “left-wing violence,” a thing which does not actually exist in any meaningful way.

This is fascism. The United States is currently a fascist police state. This is not even as bad as things can get.

For the love of whatever you believe in, vote Trump and the GOP out in November, and never, ever vote Republican again.

A couple of other quick things I want to call out, too.

First up, we’re about 100 days out from the 2020 elections. You can check your voter registration status and register to vote if you need to here:

Second, be sure to call your electeds today to support the United States Postal Service. Trump and the GOP are actively working to destroy the USPS. Call your electeds and ask them to support the Heroes Act. Let them know you want the Trump administration to leave the damn post office alone.

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