Swampwalk isolation day 139 Left at about 730am and it was already 77°F. I was hoping it would get my blood pumping and wake me up a bit after a rough night sleeping. It did not work. I got some good walking in, and took a good stumble but at least it was onto soft dirt. No noticable damage to me or the swamp, save for a minor dirt dent in the forest floor. Good to be home now, in AC, and a shower will feel good once I cool down. Mosquitoes were more active, but not horrendous. Minimal bird or squirrel activity, no sign of cats or other fauna. Masks are officially on in Maryland for the moment, despite a few dipthongs being angry about having to be cautious to protect other people. From the announcement “Effective this Friday, July 31 at 5 p.m., we are expanding the current statewide masking order requiring the wearing of masks or face coverings in the public spaces of all businesses across the state. Face coverings will also be required at outdoor public areas whenever it is not possible to maintain physical distancing. This expansion of the masking order is an action that is fact-based, apolitical, and solidly grounded in science. While it can be an inconvenience, especially in the heat, the science and the data are very clear: wearing masks is the single best mitigation strategy we have to fight this virus. It is the best way to keep you and your family safe, to keep people out of the hospital, and to keep Maryland open for business. If you do nothing else, wearing a mask alone would help us significantly slow the spread of this virus and continue on our road to health and economic recovery.” I really think dolts are going to wreck it for the rest of us, and a shutdown will ultimately be the only way to put a cap on things. #swampwalk #streamofthought #maskon

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