The zeitgeist is SO out of touch with him. from Jun 11, 2020

The zeitgeist is SO out of touch with him. from Jun 11, 2020 6/11/20 by Courtney T. Edison and WFMU Web player: Episode: Fabian André & His Orchestra – “Waltz Night at the Savoy” Mary Lou Williams – “Gemini” The Old Codger Show Proud Sponsor – “Arid Deodorant” Ruth Etting – “Her Beaus are Only Rainbows” Tampa Red – “Denver Blues” Lord Beginner – “Injection” Oscar Pettiford – “Take the “A’ Train” Joseph Moskowitz – “Don’t Step on My Foot” Al Grey & Orchestra – “Walking One” Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five – “A Man’s Best Friend is a Bed” Yamoah’s Band – “Comfort Mensu” Bert Shefter – “The Aeroplane and the Bee” Prof. Grampy’s Red-Hot All-Stars – “Ha-Cha-Nan” John Kirby Sextet – “The Peanut Vendor” Joe Venuti’s Blue Four – “Mystery” Bruz Fletcher – “Human News Reel” Henry Burr & the Nat Shilkret Orchestra – “After the Ball”

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