Swamp walk 6/24/2020

Swampwalk today, freaking hot outside. @maximillian_deersteak told me not to come back with fewer than 4 animal pictures. I was too overheated and slow to catch too much, but panda the black and white cat obliged, as did a lego bigfoot and a lego fly man when I got to the edge of the water. No frogs, toads or squirrels in easy sight, birds too fast or behind foliage. I saw a few motorcycle enthusiasts on the porch of a house and a some hard of hearing kids on bikes, with mom behind hollering at one to put “*both* hearing aids in before you go!” I didn’t feel right photographing humans without consent, especially kids. Temperature was 84F in theory, but was feeling like a walk through a soupy, swampy, hot mist of green. I should have brought a swamp thing or bog-nar figure, come to think of it.


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