Orange bits

Shin Urai and Glyan Darkness Soldier, plus extra bits are all the orange bits that I currently have. Both of these sculpt sets allow for a good deal of modification, and are quite easy on the eyes.
I love the tiny orange brain head, and the fact that so many parts are reversible or multifunctional in weird ways.

#Toyfinity #shinurai

This guy is the same basic color as the orange ninja from spy monkey, looking forward to seeing how they cross pollenate. I can see a lot of potential between the two, and  36 pieces here allows for a good deal of scrambling figures around.

These comet-riding space jockeys provide support to Darkness!

Includes one full #GLYAN figure, a set of #GLYARMOR and the exclusive DARKNESS SOLDIER head.
Includes bonus blank #NAZARRAN and #GLYNINJA heads

35 pieces

#Toyphotography #Toyrobot

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