One of the fun side effects of the whole glyos toy hobby is the little mini-guys that come with certain figures. The battle tribes tiny wrestlers with swappable heads, and solid mini mushi warm my heart in a very nostalgic “I could get those at my school bookstore to hang out in my pencil box” way. The crayboths are a neat halfway point, being small, but still with swappable limbs including that crabby claw and tentacle/eyestalk/blaster bit. I have only bought a couple of these specifically, the others came in a lot of used guys, and though they weren’t the initial draw, I have grown quite fond of them. It us amazing to me that these guys, especially the wrestler mini figures, were painted with such care and accuracy. If anything, that is the biggest difference from when I was a kid…. production these days can color inside the lines. The mini mushi is two color plastic, and is so tiny, it is like the regular figure have an awesome toy to play with. I am looking forward to all of these guys multiplying over time into a teensy army of plastic. Color schemes are wildly variable, from opaque to translucent. Same variety goes for sculpts, from biological horrors to dudes with a hamburger for a head. I am pretty entertained, and am glad that the hobby is here, especially during a quarantine. The colorways I am digging on the most at the moment are that good old purple and silver “grape soda” , of course, and the more cartoony battle burger…. but they are all pretty dang adorable. #spymonkeycreations #cappyspace #godbeast #onelldesign #glyos #minifigures #battlebeasts #minimushi

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