Swamp walk today, saw a a ton of squirrels, including an albino. I think we have more than one, because this guy has a long tail and the other we saw last week had a shortened one. Also seen, were a male and female cardinal,a bluejay, an osprey, a clutch of turkey vultures, a few robins, and neighborhood cats tuxedo Panda and tabby Sid. Tabby Peach was lost yesterday, but was found at Panda’s house a few hours later, thankfully. Our poor neighbor was understandably worried about her, given local fox activity lately. I am glad that our boy Pyewacket is strictly indoor, and prefers that for the most part. I didn’t see the foxes or eagles today. The swamp is getting much more lush and green, harder to look as deep into the woods than last week. We are approaching peak “green glow” and I am ok with that. Still cool outside, upper 60s. I will miss the cool days when they go. Walk was taken nice and early, so there were no other pedestrians in sight but a couple of cars passed a fair distance away. #whitesquirrel #albinosquirrel #walkies

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