Snake eyes redux

Dark ninja configured somewhere between it’s double homages to GI Joe’s Snake-eyes and Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. Love the new sculpts! The heads and boots assortment is fun, and gi-style torso makes for a nice addition. Giving them a couple of martial arts weapons was quite welcome, too. Red bo staff, nunchuck and sai, and fully painted pair of swords. The nifty belt/sword holster/loincloth flap thing is *very snug* but is easily loosened with a soak in warm water or a warming blow from a hair dryer, and a small sword holder pin fits nicely on the back as well. (Not a scabbard, but a loop) I was not as big into ninja guys as my peers as a kid, but martial arts movies and comics were a big part of my entertainment diet for quite a while. When I was 12 or so, that is pretty prime fun zone stuff. My brother was more into GI Joe figures than I was, but I dug the comics. I’d say it was a bonding experience of common interests, seeing as later on we grew to have fairly different tastes. I remember when we sent away for classic all-black Snake-eyes back in the good old / bad old times in Boynton Beach, about 82 or so. (He shared many parts with other figures of that series, except for his unique head sculpt. He was designed to save Hasbro money in the paint application process, as his first figure was made of black plastic with no paint applied for details, and his head did not require any detail because of the mask.) But it made him pretty cool as a toy, because a good guy ninja all in black was a fairly new concept to us. #Battletribes #spymonkeycreations #Onelldesigns #glyos #glyosbuild #toyphotography #wave21 #ramble

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