repost via @chesapeakebayfoundation If the Imperial ground forces were to make their way up the Chesapeake Bay, we’d be out of luck. With AT-AT’s standing 74 feet tall and the average depth of the Bay being only 21 feet, they’d be able to get around! If a stormtrooper were 6 feet tall, he/her alone would be able to wade through more than 700,000 acres of the Bay and never get his/her helmet wet. BUT if we want to lure the AT-AT into a trap, we just have to get it southeast of Annapolis near Bloody Point, where “The Hole” and is 174 feet deep. Happy #StarWars Day everyone! #MayTheFourth be with you! #SaveTheBay 📷: Bay photo by Megan Hannon, AT-AT photo from Disney/Lucasfilm

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