Maybe Mrs and I will play #Scythe tonight? If I get time to set it up and for us to play after/during dinner. Pictured here are Polanian Anna & Wojtek (marksman and bear) next to Crimean Zehra and Kar (Archer and eagle) My suspicion, based purely on faction name and is that she will want to play #Crimea or #Rusviet, and I of course will probably lean to #Polania, #Saxony or #Nordic. I suspect that it won’t make any difference, other than cosmetically. Each has different abilities, but hopefully it is balanced. Since the average game takes about 115 minutes (odd number to use, not 2 hours?) It will probably take us twice that time to play the first one. Thank goodness for quick start cards…. I figure we will just jump in and start pushing buttons to see how things work, and trying to keep Pyewacket from jumping on the table to scatter pieces. #games #gaming #toyphotography #gamenight #miniatures

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