Legendary Berserker. I like having a paint set that has a dwarf / Viking / fantasy style person of color. The tones also look great for the ankylosaurus head / shell. The face that the shell can be worn on the back or used as a shield is fantastic, too. The helmet-less bearded head has a solid Warhammer dwarf look, and the goblin head sculpt works well too. The weapons are all well designed, but the war hammer and shield seem to just make the most sense for a Berserker type. The trident is nice… I wonder if you could jury rig a net to make it more Gladiatorial? A goblin with a punch knife and dagger is pretty sweet, too. I really like this mold set in a lot of paint and pvc variants, which will become obvious in future photos. Paint and sculpt detail are excellent quality, definitely durable enough for play over just leaving on a shelf. Pretty darn posable for having basic joins. 22 parts total, including multiple heads, shield, weapons, belt, switch pin and shield grip. #glyos #glyosbuild #glyoscompatible #toyphotography #onelldesign #spymonkeycreations #battletribes

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