Quarantine day 32

We are being careful to not let tempers flare up too much, despite some of the struggles involved with being in a continued lockdown.

Groceries continue to come in a timely way, though certain scarcities make for the occasional oddball substitution in recipes.

We have begun to see the back of the freezer, and I feel very fortunate that a couple of quorn roasts had been pretty much stored in Carbonite in the far rear of the unit. Those, mixed with the odd cabbage, bell pepper and onion and veggie broth makes for a pretty tasty dinner.

With the arrival of the veggie crate, we had some amazing omelette/frittata for breakfast, too. The peppers /onions shone through really well, and fresh eggs can be delightful. I may boil some later to devil, if the mood strikes.

Egghead agrees with the tasty frittata review.

Pyewacket continues to eat well, and is taking his subdermal liquids like a champ. He has become quite a little beggar around his mama, who indulges his behavior a little bit more than me, but I do give him a tiny dollop of cream cheese or whipped cream now and again as a little reward for being such a sweetheart.

Easter went well, despite our lack of faith and chocolate. We sat on the porch and hung out for a brief time before weather got rainy enough to drive us indoors.

Current tv is the Greg Davies Taskmaster series, along with just some light filler here and there. Watched tiger king, and it was ok, but not the great shakes the internet makes it out to be.

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