Follow-up from friend with c19

Quoting them below – they are in wv

So, heard from the health department today. This pandemic is going to be awful. It’s going to be on the worse side of any estimates, I’m so sorry to say this. #stayhome #wearamask.

The CDC only wants to know who you saw in the 2 days before your symptoms started.
I asked what about the up to 2 week incubation? She said I don’t know you’d have to ask the CDC. There’s not even a question for are there people you were in particularly close contact with during the 2 weeks before symptoms start. 2 days only. Oh, and I’m betting they won’t be testing those folks, just telling them to isolate for 2 weeks from contact (that 2 weeks ended 4 days ago).

Then I was told I only need to be fever free for 24 hours to be released from quarantine, and, guess what, my fever doesn’t count as a fever because it isn’t high enough. Yesterday it was stay home until fever free for 3 days. According to the CDC I could have been allowed out of my house on March 29th even though my ONLY symptom is this low grade fever which they don’t even consider a fever.

The CDC and the US of Asshats is fucking up.

Thanks, Ernst.

Illustrations from Ernst Kreidolf’s 1922 book Alpenblumenmärchen. Full text with many other colorful illustrations here.