What is that?

My first reaction to hearing Imagine being sung by dumbasses.

Dear celebrities singing Imagine… I generally like the song, but it is way off the mark for the current situation. I mean really tone deaf.

If somebody, somewhere is getting comfort from religion right now, maybe don’t crap all over that, even if you don’t. Save it for later, when everyone is on more even footing. Don’t punch down on poor folks who have literally nothing but faith to fall back on.

I think that is simply not useful right now. Just drop some of your stacks of cash on the problem, huh?

If you must, maybe stomp on specific problems like some religious (or not) leaders being vile, manipulative SOB’s by having huge mansions while there is a homeless population in real trouble, or those profiteering from a disaster by funneling resources into non-medical solutions or selling snake oil? There are plenty of people both secular and not aiding the spread of mess.

Better yet, Be a helper. Help fund resources that do good works. Stay at home and share videos of your pets, or you encouraging folks to do the same.

At the very least… don’t be a dick if you can avoid it.

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