Feeling a little bit better

I talked to DC for about 80min+ on the phone, and now feel better about his level of fair skepticism regarding JC and colloidal silver.

I will count that as a win, even if he is a bit irrational about vitamin c and organic food. That shit won’t hurt him, except maybe financially.

Fears about ignorance might make life bad and short for me and the ones I love. Worries about triage and respirators, since I would be tossed on the sacrifice pile should it come to that. Probably my wife and inlaws, too.

Herd immunity does not apply right now.

We discussed COVID-19 of course, focusing on decontamination, but also caught up in general. His and J’s health, my family, gaming, his work and ours. Telecommuting via google classroom to teach senior high school students math.

How current students are very different than those 15-20 years ago. Phone dependance, nobody does homework assigned (his school does not grade homework?), kids being far more tolerant of different skin colors and sexuality than when he started. Lack of religious interest (he is at a secular private school now).

We spoke a little about Glyos, artificial intelligence gaining sentience, if some baseline humans are less “sentient” and how to judge that in a machine.

TV shows like humans, the tick, DEVS came to mind. Also other Amazon prime shows.