That was… not quite a comedy of errors? A series of unfortunate events is perhaps a bit too dramatic.

Long story short – planned to go on a road trip to Pennsylvania, but our issues with the HVAC system at the house changed that into a day of mild to increasing irritation with the situation.

Long story long – Our air conditioner’s pump was found to be defective. It siezed on Wednesday and fortunately the guy that installed it was nearby on another job and was available to replace it in short order. The AC had konked out once before, about a week ago but it had been chalked up to blocked air vents. Prior to that it had a bad “defroster board” and that part had to be swapped out. Anyhow, with the new pump installed on Wednesday, we hoped heartily that would be the end of the issues. Thursday passes without issue, as far as I know. Friday morning, I wake up, and Allison points out that her glasses must be really dirty because it looks hazy in the early morning light of the bathroom… like someone took a steam bath. I agree, and we have a slight moment of panic that there might be a house fire. I do not smell any smoke, nor am I coughing or my eyes watering. Smoke alarms are functioning, so I do a brief internet search and find that houses can be hazy when very dry and hot hits cold and wet air… literally creating fog inside the house. A very high dew point seemed to be the issue, and the haze dispersed inside an hour or so.

We went about our Friday business out and about, grabbed a bite with the folks that night about 5pm and by the time we got home at 9ish, the house was hot again. Thermostat set at 72, temp was 77. Livable, but a hassle.

We knew it would be warm outside Saturday and the was concern for Pyewacket. (Probably undue, since he loves to lay and roast by the window or fireplace, where his temperature can shoot through the roof.)

We got up on Saturday, and thought for a brief period that it had kicked back on, but it was just an exceptionally cool morning, 71F outside, thermostat read 72. As we got ready to go on our road trip, the morning and our house got progressively warmer, hit 77 inside of 30 minutes.

Called the in-laws, and we decided to go out to breakfast nearby rather than go on a 2.5 hour drive to Lititz to putter for the day and come home to dead AC.

Instead of going to breakfast, folks opted to stay at the increasingly warm house to wait for AC guy, even though they hadn’t eaten and the guy was just starting another job before ours. Upside, I got to play a little Fallout 76 and the house didn’t get too much hotter than 80F. I think there may have been some blood sugar / heat crankiness on my behalf and the rest of the gang, so some slight snippiness happened, but no major social damage or relationship trouble, just grouch faces.

AC guy shows up and discovers we have a coolant leak. Thank goodness for 10-year warranties. Monday, he comes back to repair or replace that issue, thankfully we have access to a window-shaker unit that is able to keep the bedroom a comfortable temperature until the repair can be made.

This is the 4th time since getting it put in, and we have been *very* patient. I am looking forward to a time when we don’t have to wonder if we have decent climate control in the house.

I am optimistic for a good outcome. We’ll see whether I’m crazy or not.

On a brighter note, future travel plans may include a sunflower maze!

Not too far from here? It is basically a corn maze, but comprised of sunflowers and best visited in the summer, rather than Autumn for corn.

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