Edith Piaf (said it better than me) – sparks

It’s a heartwarming song
For the easily moved
The effect is all wrong
Plain to see I’m not moved

As I stand in the light
Of a shop that is closed
God, I’d love me a fight
There’s no poem just prose

Edith Piaf said it better than me
“Je ne regrette rien”
Pretty song, but not intended for me
Time to put some muzak on

There were no smoky dives
Few amours, fous or not
There were no petty crimes
Foreign substances bought

There were no midnight drives
With a crime boss’s wife
Need a sentence at most
When assessing my life

Drunken and short-lived flings
Montparnasse lights
Holding a hand of kings
My hunch was right
When’s that night?

Live fast and die young
Live fast and die young
Live fast and die young
Too late for that
Too late for that

Think of one single night
Wants so strong you’re aflame
Well I’m sorry time’s up
Sorry, nothing will change

I was born to be bad
I was born to be bad
I was born to be bad
Not this time
Not this time


Liked on YouTube: Sparks – What The Hell Is It This Time? (Official Video)

Sparks – What The Hell Is It This Time? (Official Video)
The second single from the new Sparks album ‘Hippopotamus’.
The album is out now, get it here: http://bit.ly/2wAmqgs
Order special bundles: http://bit.ly/2fNKiq1

Directed by Galen Johnson and Evan Johnson

Live action director: Courtney Stephens
Cinematographer: Meena Singh
Editor: Galen Johnson
Visual Effects: Galen Johnson and Evan Johnson
Producer: Adam Kurland
Camera Assistant: Laurent David
Filmed at Sibling LA
Production company: Daughter and Sons

Tour dates: http://bit.ly/2wAdBmC

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2fOam4q
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sparksofficial
via YouTube https://youtu.be/oC0rzv1j8Zc


Random thought…

I just saw this –

“According to director Danny Boyle, it was the opening hospital sequence of The Day of the Triffids that inspired Alex Garland to write the screenplay for 28 Days Later.”

That impressed me. I didn’t see the parallel at the time, but reflecting back I think it makes sense.

Other aside on remakes, John Carpenter’s The Thing is probably my favorite. (Does Evil Dead 2 count as a remake of the first one?)

Also, I think I want to watch some good old Hammer films for the Halloween season this year.

Horror of Dracula, The Mummy and The Curse of Frankenstein with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are all certainly on the agenda. I wonder if they are public domain yet?