I’m noticing something sort of spooky…

The seal of Shepherdstown is an eye over a book surrounded by a sort of sunset/sunrise rays coming over the horizon.

Brief google-fu has found no origin as yet.

Examples –

I get a kind of Illuminati / Prisoner “be seeing you” / Cthonic forbidden knowledge vibe that makes me want to know more, picking away at the information before I go mad or am torn to shreds by ancient spectres from beyond our Earth.

👌👁️be seeing you…


John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry – Wikipedia


We are literally just up the street from Harper’s Ferry today. Lucky thing it’s not mid-October, or who knows how busy it would be. I’m glad to be in the region , as I’ve never been in this particular neck of the woods before, and it’s a pretty fundamentally taught history moment (or at least, when I was a kid)

I’m pleasantly struck by how lefty/crunchy granola shepherdstown feels. A good deal more resist stickers than Confederate flags to be seen. My personal prejudice would have guessed Maryland to be more liberal, at least in a region with so much Civil War history. Happy to have been mistaken. Thank goodness for college students and old hippies.