Misc health

got a doctor’s work note for acute bronchitis , rx for antibiotics, prednisone, cough syrup and more stuff to pass through the old nebulizer.

Not today, Mr Bones… besides, I’m supposed to knock at your door. Be patient. 

Heard at doctors office: Texas minus the Mexican food is Oklahoma.

Dream 5/24/2017

Flashes from a NyQuil dream

Taking a car to be repaired, it had a shower in the back that both fit me comfortably, and was discreet. Jets were a bit like windshield washer fluid, but smelled of soap. 

At the repair shop was a used paperback of a story where an amnesiac Spock killed Hitler and was running the Third Reich with uncanny evil and space technology. Wonder Woman is the only one who can stop him. 

The building was wall to wall mosaic of red, yellow and very occasionally orange tiles. I cut my arm on one and a balloon fell out tied off as a makeshift waterproof container for matches and a 3 foot length of string / fuse / detcord?