let’s see here. 17 years of dec 18

slow day today, Allison is making chex mix and I’m doing laundry.  Skipped Tuba Christmas today… we needed time to just rest. watched a little tv, (american bake off and last nights SNL), listened to a lot of holiday music.

just for giggles – lets rewind across my public journal entries.

1 year ago – just got the tree up, watched hogfather and love actually.
2 years ago – ColdFusion reference
3 years ago – day after concussion ct scan, Tannenbaum vs a christmas carol
4 years ago many tweets. goats, pickle nightmare man
5 years ago – no entries. 🙁
6 years ago tiny snowman, house lights
7 years ago – more pix than words. glad lost is fading out, twilight blade, polar bear plunge, Xmas treats
8 years ago – Dexter season 1, gifts from Kev, and the folks in Florida, tired but getting better,
9 years ago – started my minicity – , icy footing, f’ing programming, tell me meme, my snazzy new custom sneakers
10 years ago – Dinner with C&D, Big Brain, Xmas card, silly holiday lj toys
11 years ago – Xmas card, condo Xmas party, calm a llama down
12 years ago – salty seas, Christmas toy, year in review, Celebrex, anime fans, con folk
13 years ago – trade invites for play $$, dreams
14 years ago – How to attain old age, got my epidural
15 years ago – Crime & Punishment, heterodox, evil news, HP question, pooter poop, bagpipe, egoboo, giant bee
16 years ago – met Tarpo (I still have the holiday mix cd) and Isis, LJ sea Chantey, AOK-ing, Christmas Blues
17 years ago – heat miser / snow miser song.

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