Fridge drama, not featuring female superheroes. [1]

I’m glad that the fridge on my floor of the silo where I do vague, important work at the vague, important agency for which I work isn’t the drama-magnet that it is for Urban Bohemian.

He encountered the sign below – and took the picture, too.
When Passive Aggressive Notes Get REAL.

The sign reads (sic):

Please disregard this if you a nice person and never steal from others.

This is a note to a filthy jerk who recently stole:

  • A brand new bag of hard boiled eggs
  • A whole bag of string cheese
  • Many yogurts (previously)

Hey THIEF, you are a miserable person!

I didn’t want to make it a big deal when a yogurt or two used to disappear from time to time…

But two brand new bags of food really look like an ugly thing to do!

If you are caught this can cost you your job!


[photo of Keanu as Constantine in hell]

Seriously? I am so happy that I haven’t dealt with even the side-most drama like that.

[1] – Natch –

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