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A website is telling me to disable AdBlock before it will show content

Modified on: Fri, 13 May, 2016 at 1:45 PM

More and more websites display a message asking you to disable AdBlock to be able to access the website’s contents (e.g., videos or articles). If it’s a site you enjoy and visit frequently, you might consider subscribing to it, which will eliminate the ads on the site while supporting the content provider.

If you’d rather not see any ads, try this instead.

Subscribe to the Adblock Warning Removal and Anti-Adblock Killer filter lists

  1. Click the AdBlock button and select Options.
  2. On the FILTER LISTS tab, click update now.
  3. Enable the Adblock Warning Removal list.
  4. Visit reek’s website and subscribe to the AakList (Anti-Adblock Killer filter list).

Create a custom filter for the site

  1. In AdBlock’s options on the CUSTOMIZE tab, next to Manually edit your filters click Edit.
  2. In the text box type: @@||$elemhide
    For example, to create a filter for, type @@||$elemhide
  3. Click Save and reload the page.

If these steps don’t seem to make any difference, you can also try installing the Anti-AdBlock Killer userscript.

Report the website

If nothing you’ve tried has helped, the website needs to be reported to the filter list maintainers. Please report the issue to the filter list that matches the language of the website:

  • For English websites, please report the issue to EasyList.
  • You can find the contact information for other filter lists in our Knowledge Base.

You can also report the website to Anti-AdBlock Killer in situations where the issue can’t be worked around with AdBlock filters.

Bonus tip

We found a nice article on how to bypass websites that block AdBlock (e.g., This method, which incorporates some of the steps we suggested above, also works on and (according to the comments, at least; YMMV).

Have you disabled AdBlock but the site still asks you to disable your ad blocker?

This usually happens when the site is poorly written. Basically, it’s a bug in the code the site uses to check for ad blockers. Because of that, it affects all ad blockers, not just AdBlock.

If you absolutely need to use the site, try removing your ad blocker entirely. If that doesn’t help, there is nothing we or you can do to get around this. You can try notifying the site administrators if a contact is listed in the page footer, or just wait for them to figure it out and fix the bug.

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