Geek and Sundry tabletop nerd block 2016

Nerd block usually gets things right, but this was terrible.

A lackluster t-shirt,2 pencils, a little note pad, a deck of cards, some character coins, MTG action figure, geek and sundry bumper sticker, dungeons and dragons comic book  and  a novelty die  (all ones d6 in a blister pack).

Lots of filler, not a lot of “meat”. I’d say the only thing that will get much use is the notepad, because I use those things like potato chips.

I have really no idea what the character coins are used for.

No way in hell is that worth $50+shipping.

Won’t be buying anything with the G&S brand again anytime soon, and I am sorely disappointed in nerd block for this sub-par offering.

Did *anyone* like this block?

So disappointed, I’m considering filing with BBB. Nerd Block is a bit notorious when it comes to customer service.

Edit: Followup – 

 I was given the invoice for the “wholesale” prices of my items.

  • T-shirt $11.50
  •  Vinyl Toy – $4.00
  • Bumper Sticker – $2.00
  • Toy Tokens – $6.50
  • Toy Dice – $4.00
  • Notepad – $3.48
  • Comic Book – $4.50
  • Pencils – $4.05
  • Playing cards – $3.46

According to NB that MTG figure, costs the same as two, very standard/simple, pencils. Wholesale. These are supposed to be wholesale prices!

In what world do two pencils cost that much?  Or a novelty die that has all ones?


So old, his social security number’s only three digits from Oct 30, 2007


Red Nichols and Wingy Mannone – “Bug-A-Boo” Tom Crowley Orchestra – “Doc O’ligy” Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) – “Nobody But You!” Louis Jordan – “At the Swing Cats’ Ball” Ruth Etting – “But I Do, You Know I Do!” The Milt Herth Trio (O’Neil Spencer – vocal) – “Josephine” Cab Calloway and His Orchestra – “Paradiddle” Betty Boop, Bimbo, and Friends – “Wanna Be A Member?” Helen Kane – “That’s My Weakness Now” Butterbeans & Susie – “Cold Storage Papa (Mama’s a Little Too Warm For You)” The Ponce Sisters – “So At Last It’s Come to This” Count of Monte Cristo – “Fan Me Saga Boy” Louis Jordan – “You’re My Meat” Sophie Tucker – “I Ain’t Takin’ Orders From No One”